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Banquet Dining Chair

1. The banquet dining chair is an abbreviation for a dining chair used in large and medium-sized restaurants, such as large and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, and hotel dining areas. Banquet chairs, also known as hotel dining chairs

2. Classification of banquet chairs
Solid wood banquet dining chair, children banquet dining chair, metal banquet dining chair, circle chair. The metal banquet dining chairs are divided into aluminum alloy banquet dining chairs and steel dining chairs according to their materials.

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3. Material and color editing
Common materials for the armrest legs are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, and solid wood; the seat surface is made of steel plate or wooden board plus foam cotton soft package. Product color: The color and fabric of the banquet chair can be matched and selected according to the style of customer needs. Seat package: High-density PU shaped sponge seat package, density 55-60, thickness 60mm (adjustable softness and hardness)

4. Aluminum metal banquet chair editor
As the name implies, the aluminum banquet chair is a dining chair made of aluminum alloy as the theme material and high-density PU shaped sponge. The aluminum dining chair is simple and smooth, elegant in shape, and the cushion and backrest are designed according to ergonomic mechanics.

Post time: 2020-04-21