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How To Place A Living Room Sofa?

The sofa is the furniture we are most familiar with at home. It is the soul of the living room. The sofa is indispensable for living room decoration. It is the furniture in the living room for daily rest, chat and meeting guests. So how can a living room sofa be comfortable?

1. Glyph layout

In the living room sofa placement technique, usually a zigzag sofa is more common. It gives a warm and compact feeling. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, you can simply place the sofa in the living room in a zigzag shape and place a coffee table across. You can just use a TV. This layout can save space and increase the range of activities in the living room. It is more suitable for small and long living rooms.

2. L-shaped corner type

The L-shaped sofa area is generally suitable for more stylish home design, and it can also make full use of space. The “corner type” composed of multiple or single sofas can be moved and changed, and the layout can be changed according to needs, so that the living room is always full. Freshness.

3. U-shaped combination

The U-shaped sofa requires more space and is more suitable for families with larger populations and larger living rooms. It is more convenient for a family to sit together and love each other.

4. Enclosed shape

The sofa-enclosed layout is increasingly sought after by young people. This arrangement not only makes the space center more prominent, but also uses more functions. The sofa is arranged on three adjacent walls with a coffee table in the middle. This makes it easy for guests to sit and talk easily.

5. Two central sofa areas

Although the general living room sofa area has only one area, in order to meet the special needs of large-scale living rooms and owners, the sofa area can also be set up with two main and one center. This living room sofa placement technique can place the corner L Shape sofa to form an open space suitable for communication. In addition, you can choose two single sofas and place them against the wall to enrich the living room communication space. In order to maintain relative privacy, the corner sofa and single Linen curtains can be used to separate people’s sofas so that the two centers can be both independent and interconnected.

Post time: 2020-01-10