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White Louis Dining Chairs

Īss apraksts:

  • 10years frame warranty
  • Special back pattern, more patterns for you to choose
  • High-end white powder coated
  • 5pcs in one carton
  • Wear-resistant clear stoppers

Product Detail

Preces birkas

White Louis Dining Chairs

Apraksts 1. Izmērs: W470*D550*SH460*H945
2. Dia45*2.0mm aluminum tube
3. 7kgs weight
4. Upholstered seat and back with various of fabric and vinyl
5. ≥45° High density foam, un audums atbilst ASV(CA117) vai Lielbritānijā(BS5852) standarta
6. Pieejami plastmasas un luksusa slīdņi
7. 5pcs/ctn, use bubble bag to pack each chair leg, And then 2pcs chairs down and 3pcs up to pack in the carton.
Piegāde & apkalpošana Savlaicīga piegāde katru reizi. Nodrošiniet uzticamu servisu un atbildīgi par katru klientu katram produktam. Mūsu mērķis ir apmierināt katru klientu ar vislabākajiem pakalpojumiem.

How to Control Quality:

♦ We will review the quality of the spray line and mark the defective product.

♦ When they put down the product, we will immediately check the quality again, mark the defective product, and notify the paint factory to rework.

♦ If it is good, we will ask them to pack directly to avoid scratching.

♦ After the product is sent to the factory, we will check it one by one again.

♦ Check the quality three times in order to send good products to customers.

As a company, the most important thing is to gain the trust and affirmation of customers.

As a successful company, in addition to stable and high quality, you also need good after-sales service.

As a responsible company, this problem is not terrible. The scary thing is that after the problem appears, the company disappeared without a trace.

Thank for very much for your continued support, choose LATEEN to address your concerns about product quality and resolve after sales issues.

Visit customers 2-3 times a year to learn about the usage or sales situation, solve customer problems on the spot, discuss future cooperation plans, help customers increase production and achieve a win-win situation.


Stacking chair: Mēs iesaiņosim kāju un muguru ar Burbuļu maisiņu, tad salieciet 10-15 gab.

Aptiniet salocīto krēslu ar saliktu maisu.

Wood look chair: Mēs iesaiņosim kāju un muguru ar Burbuļu maisiņu, then White PVC cover the chair, put them into the carton.

Delivery time:

In peak season: ar 15-20dienām pēc saņemšanas 30% depozīts.

Pārdošanas cenu periodā: 25-35dienas pēc saņemšanas 30% depozīts.

After-sales service:

we offer 100% guarantee on our product.If there is quality problem on our side, we’ll compensate.

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