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  • Nastanek in uporaba banket stol

    Na Kitajskem, izraz banket pohištvo ima zgodovino o 20 let. To izhaja iz angleškega banket pohištva (banquet furniture), subdivided into banquet chair (banquet chair), banquet table (banquet table), and some other tableware, dining carts and other furniture or equipment that must be matched for the banquet. The banquet chair appeared in the hotel early and was widely…
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  • How should the restaurant chair be chosen?

    Restaurant chairs are indispensable in the home and in various restaurants. Therefore, the quality of the restaurant chairs directly affects the mood of the meal, which affects the customer's impression of the restaurant. For the owner, open a restaurant. Restaurant chairs are indispensable. At present, there are a wide variety of restaurant chairs on the market, and the materials are…
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