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How should the restaurant chair be chosen?

Restaurant chairs are indispensable in the home and in various restaurants. Therefore, the quality of the restaurant chairs directly affects the mood of the meal, which affects the customer’s impression of the restaurant. For the owner, open a restaurant. Restaurant chairs are indispensable. At present, there are a wide variety of restaurant chairs on the market, and the materials are also various. For the selection of restaurant chairs, we must follow the following principles:

First, comfort, the comfort of the restaurant chair mainly depends on the height of the chair, whether there are handrails, etc. Generally speaking, when we sit down, the foot is best to step on the ground, if the restaurant chair is too high, then The feet are suspended, which gives people an uncomfortable feeling; the restaurant chair with armrests is of course better, but it is not recommended if the chair is placed behind the table and the place is occupied because the handrail is blocked.

Second, the color matching, luxury restaurant, restaurant chair is generally black and white, brown, golden and other colors, giving people a grand feeling, showing the elegance of the atmosphere, enhancing the taste of the restaurant, and the best color matching is A color system gives a feeling of harmony; if it is a small restaurant, the restaurant chair can boldly choose the color of the jump, such as red, yellow, blue, etc., together with the right match, not only can the diners shine Increase appetite and give people a refreshing feeling.

Post time: 2018-12-26