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The Origin And Use Of The Banquet Chair

In China, the term banquet furniture has a history of about 20 years. It comes from English banquet furniture (banquet furniture), subdivided into banquet chair (banquet chair), banquet table (banquet table), and some other tableware, dining carts and other furniture or equipment that must be matched for the banquet.

The banquet chair appeared in the hotel early and was widely used in the hotel’s banquet hall. Because it is required by the hotel, it has the following characteristics: light, comfortable and durable, easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to care. Therefore, metal materials or metals are generally used in combination with wood.

This type of furniture was first entered into China by the US SICO company.

Lateen Furniture banquet chair classification:

1, according to the material is divided into a banquet steel chair, banquet aluminum chair, stainless steel banquet chair;

2, according to the style is divided into banquet armchairs, banquets without armchairs, bar chairs;

3, according to the process is divided into the rocking chair, imitation wood chair, conventional chair;

4, according to style is divided into Chinese restaurant chairs, Western restaurant chairs, European banquet chairs.

The banquet chairs are mainly used in the hotel lobby and banquet halls. The styles are mainly simple in style. The Xuanyuan furniture banquet chairs are suitable for high-end dining places such as five-star hotel banquet halls, Chinese and Western restaurants, restaurants, etc. Conference chair, training chair.


The Origin And Use Of The Banquet Chair

Post time: 2018-12-26