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What Are The Characteristics Of A Folding Table And How To Maintain It?

Nowadays, when the house is being renovated, everyone not only requires aesthetics, but also rational use of space. The dining table is generally large, and it will occupy a large place in the dining room. It seems that the space is very small, so most people will choose a folding table. So, what are the characteristics of a folding table? How to maintain the folding table?

First, the characteristics of the folding table:

1.What are the characteristics of a folding table ——high extensibility

The kitchen and dining room of a small-sized house are rarely independent. Usually, these two spaces are unified in the same space, so it is necessary to plan the space reasonably. Then, a folding table is a good choice. When you fold this table, it is a one-person table, but you can extend the tabletop by opening the panel on the left side of the table.

2.What are the characteristics of a folding table?

The folding dining table is not only extensible, but also very decorative. Placing a small white folding dining table in the kitchen is clean and practical at first glance, and there is no requirement for space size. Such a small folding table is very flexible, and can be used to support or lower the tabletop according to personal needs, especially for small spaces.

3. What are the characteristics of a folding table?

The folding table has the function of double-sided folding, which is very suitable for small units. If you shrink the two sides like a display cabinet, you can also place some small works of art such as plants or decorations to beautify the indoor environment. If the left and right panels are expanded, it will become a wider dining table.

Second, how to maintain the folding table:

Folding tables should be placed away from places with strong air movements such as doorways and windows, and they should not be placed in places exposed to sunlight. If it is in winter, then do not place it on the heating port, and the heating should not be adjusted too high. In summer, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify frequently, so as to prevent the table panel from expanding and cracking due to moisture absorption. There is also the cleanliness of the dining table, which can usually be wiped with clean gauze.

Summary: The above is the relevant content about the characteristics of the folding table and how to maintain the folding table. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Folding dining table is the first choice for small family, it is not only convenient to store, but also very space saving.

Post time: 2020-01-06